Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard Boxes remain a popular choice for storage, packing and dispatching goods through the courier networks – and for good reason! They are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. For businesses shipping in high volumes, we offer significant savings on orders of bulk packaging boxes. Our range of both single wall and double wall cartons are unbranded, allowing for a clean and professional look.

Alongside the industry standard 0201 Cardboard Cartons, we also offer a wide range of user-friendly postal solutions. This includes our own range of Royal Mail Large Letter Postal Boxes and White Postal Boxes, offering a cost-efficient, yet polished and professional means to ship your parcels to customers.

Eco-friendly, cost-effective cardboard boxes
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Diving into Cardboard Boxes: Exploring the range

Understanding the shipping and packaging requirements of e-commerce businesses is crucial to long-term and sustainable operations. Our team of packaging experts have carefully selected a diverse range of sizes and styles of packaging boxes to provide you with a solution that optimises efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive range of packaging boxes includes; single wall boxes, double wall boxes, die-cut boxes, archive boxes and carefully selected moving box kits for house removals and storage.

Single Wall Boxes

These lightweight yet strong boxes consist of a single layer of fluting sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard. For shipping smaller items or less fragile products, single-wall cardboard boxes offer an economical and reliable option.

Double Wall Boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes provide an extra layer of fluting in comparison to single wall boxes. The two layers of fluting between three sheets of cardboard provide extra strength and protection. Double Wall cardboard boxes are generally larger, and are ideal for shipping heavier items or delicate products that require enhanced protection during transport.

Die Cut Boxes (e.g. Large Letter Boxes and Postal Boxes)

Die-cut boxes are uniquely tailored to your product, as they are precision-cut from flat cardboard sheets into specific designs. Customisable according to different shapes and styles, this type of box is perfect for shipping promotional items, retail products, or items that require a distinct presentation.

Archive Boxes

Businesses primarily use archive boxes to store documents, keeping files organised, safe, and easily accessible. With reinforced handles and lids, these boxes are both durable and practical, making them the go-to choice for long-term storage.

Removal/Moving Boxes

Our team of packaging specialists have curated multiple packs of boxes which are suitable for moving house. Our house removals packs consist of double wall boxes in varying sizes, and provide essential support and protection during the moving process. Our kits also contain the other essentials, such as bubble wrap and packing tape - specifically designed with ease and convenience in mind.

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