Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

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To reduce their impact on the environment, both businesses and consumers are actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional packaging materials. Eco-Flo® Loose Fill Packing Peanuts are a sustainable and innovative void fill solution for your packaging needs.

Our loose fill packing peanuts, made from starch, offer a sustainable alternative to traditional polystyrene packing peanuts. This makes them an environmentally choice that not only protects your products but also the planet.

Environmentally-friendly loose fill
100% biodegradable
Excellent value
Lightweight in nature
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EcoFlo Biodegradable Loose Fill 15cuft ECOFLO-BAG
pack Quantity
15 Cubic Feet
(£31.00 per unit)
(£29.50 per unit)
(£28.50 per unit)
(£25.00 per unit)
(£19.80 per unit)
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EcoFlo Biodegradable Loose Fill 7.5cuft ECOFLO-HB
pack Quantity
7.5 Cubic Feet
(£14.75 per unit)
(£14.75 per unit)
(£14.75 per unit)
(£14.75 per unit)
(£12.50 per unit)
Total Price (Ex VAT):
Detailed Description

Loose Fill Packing Peanuts Information

Cost-Effective and Simple to Use

Biodegradeable packaging typically comes with an extra cost. Our EcoFlo® packaging peanuts are a super budget-friendly option for void-fill. Each bag contains 15 cubic feet and you can also purchase multiple packs, saving up to 36% for higher quantities.

To use, simply pour the eco friendly void fill in a cardboard box to reduce the gaps in your packaging products. The packing chips are also lightweight in nature, so have little impact on your shipping costs.

Cushioning and Protection

Eco-Flo® Loose Fill may be eco-friendly, but they don't compromise on functionality. Designed in a wotsit-shaped form, the starch-based packing peanuts provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

Many people use them as a substitute for paper void fill. Both options are are ideal for safeguarding delicate and fragile items during transit.

Whether you're shipping electronics, ceramics, or glassware, loose fill packing peanuts provide excellent protection. You can use it as an alternative to bubble wrap or in addition to it.


Eco-Flo® Packing Peanuts offer a renewable, biodegradable, and compostable solution. This makes it the top choice for those trying to reduce their plastic usage. Manufacturers create these packing peanuts primarily from cornstarch which is a natural and renewable resource. They design them to break down harmlessly, leaving no toxic residues or microplastic pollution.

Alongside the item being eco-friendly, the manufacturing process is too. It's a one-step process, so uses less energy to create than traditional polystyrene chips. It also conforms to national Standards for Compostability: EN 13432.

By choosing Eco-Flo® Packing Peanuts, you can do your bit to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Convenient Disposal, Zero Guilt

By purchasing biodegradeable packing peanuts, you can do so without worry. Unlike polystyrene packing chips, they are 100% biodegradable. As they are made from corn starch, disposing of them is easy. Once used in your packages, you can either reuse them, or dissolve them in water.

The excellent eco-credentials makes them one of the most environmentally friendly protective packaging solution.

Please note that because the peanuts are completely soluble in water, it's essential to store them in a moisture-free environment.

Eco-Friendly with a Dash of Colour

Looking to add colour to your packaging? Alongside the usual white packing chips, we also offer coloured peanuts.

We can provide; green, blue, yellow, pink and grey chips, or a mix of the five! Manufacturers use food-grade colours to make the coloured peanuts, ensuring they maintain the same eco-credentials as traditional packing peanuts. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of colourful packaging without compromising your environmental impact.

Simply get in touch using our contact form and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.

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