Polythene Packaging

Polythene Packaging

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While it’s true that many businesses are trying to reduce the use of plastic in their operations, we know exceptionally well at Order Packaging that it is sometimes unavoidable. Especially when it comes to affordability for the necessary amount of protection. If you are concerned about using polythene packaging, whether it is in the form of polythene rolls, polythene tubing, polythene sheeting, polythene pallet covers or polythene bags, rest assured that all the products we offer here are sustainable and manufactured using recycled LDPE where possible.

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Polythene Packaging Information

Grip Seal Bags

If you are looking for a quick and secure polythene packaging product to keep products safe and presentable, look no further than our grip seal bags. These are efficient choices if you need a watertight and airtight closure to ensure your products or items are free from dust, water, and other contaminants. As these are manufactured from LDPE, they are fully recyclable and can help your business reduce its single-use plastic waste.

Layflat Tubing

In a perfect business environment, all your products, items and goods that need to be packaged for sale and shipment will come in standard sizes. We know that we do not live or work in a perfect world, and you likely have some unusually sized and shaped products. Finding the best polythene packaging for these goods can be challenging. That’s where our lay flat tubing is convenient. This packaging solution allows you to quickly create watertight and airtight bags that fit products with non-standard dimensions.

These are manufactured from food-safe, high-strength polythene that also has the benefit of being fully recyclable.

Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

As you may have guessed from the name of these types of polythene packaging, pallet wrap and stretch film are designed to provide you with a safe, secure, and affordable option for packing palletised goods. It means you do not have to invest in specialist equipment or adhesives.

Document Enclosed Wallets

Often, when you need to ship out orders to your clients and customers, you must provide them with a packing slip, receipt, invoice, and other necessary documentation. At Order Packaging, we have you covered with our document-enclosed wallets that help secure the essential details of the order or instructions for use and anything else in writing you want to send to your client.

Pallet Covers

When you have palletised orders, assuming that the goods you are shipping out will be okay would be wrong. While it’s good that they are wrapped securely on a pallet, you can take further precautions to ensure the goods and their packaging are protected against weather and anything else that could compromise your customer’s order by investing in one of our pallet covers.

We understand you are looking to reduce as much use of plastic as you can. When you need plastic like the polythene packaging solutions we offer, you can rest easy knowing it will be safe.

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