Void Fill & Protection

Void Fill & Protection

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Accidents can still happen even with the best services and when all the best practices are followed. That’s why using the highest quality void fill and protective packaging is always best. It may even be that you have excellent packaging materials, but when there are gaps within the consignments, that’s when problems can occur. We can help prevent those gaps from being a problem. While it is common for companies to opt for the easy-to-find and easy-to-use solutions of plastic packaging goods, we have tried to make our solutions stand out.

We have a wide range of void fill packaging products at Order Packaging, including corrugated cardboard rolls, paper void fill, foam rolls, and packing peanuts, all designed to keep your different products and goods safe in storage and transit.

One of the main focuses that makes our products stand out from the competition is our commitment to providing recyclable, sustainable, plastic-free solutions to all your void fill packaging needs.

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Void Fill & Protection Information

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard edge protectors are a great packaging solution when you have goods with sharp edges or edges that need protection. Instead of relying on shrink wrap or bubble wrap to protect the corners, storage, and transportation spaces, our cardboard edge protectors are a sustainable, recyclable option.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Are you looking for a low-cost, eco-friendly solution to protect all items? Look no further than corrugated cardboard rolls for those fragile items you need to store and transport. Why the corrugated design, you may wonder? This is to provide a lightweight form of shock absorption that ensures the postal costs are as low as possible. Moreover, they are made from recyclable cardboard and are the perfect plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap.

Foam Rolls

Foam rolls are a great packaging solution if you are looking for extra shock absorption to protect valuable goods and items from bumps and knocks while in transit. As well as being efficient and effective, they are also a more sustainable alternative to the more traditional and less recyclable bubble wrap. These are ideal for heavy machinery and furniture and will stop the goods from sustaining impacts and scratches.

Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts is a prevalent form of void fill packaging that is used more often than ever before right now. We know too well that many of our customers and clients are fed up with the unsustainable and non-environmentally friendly plastic options. Our product is different. They are made from natural potato starch and differ from the more common varieties of polystyrene peanuts. This means that once used, you can dispose of them by dissolving them in water. This makes them kinder in the environment and less hassle to work with.

Paper Void Fill

You can opt for paper void fill packaging for less heavy and cumbersome items. This is a highly sustainable and affordable option that is very self-explanatory. Available in rolls, our brown void fill paper can be used as additional wrapping and filling in the gaps for your products and items when packed to be delivered to clients or customers.

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