Postal Envelopes & Mailing Bags

Postal Envelopes & Mailing Bags

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Our range of Postal Packaging accommodates a huge range of products including CD’s, clothing, books, posters and much more. We specifically design Postal Packaging to make shipping easy and protect items in transit. We have carefully chosen our range of products to provide a simpler packing solution compared to traditional methods like cardboard boxes.

All our Postal Envelopes and Mailing Bags include a handy peel and seal strip. This helps to secure your items and offers a convenient two in one packaging solution, helping to speed up dispatch operations. Alongside this, you will also find that all the items in our postal range are recyclable. Some of our postal items, such as our Ecolope Mailers, are completely plastic-free!

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Postal Envelopes & Mailing Bags Information

Padded Bubble Envelopes

Mail-Lite Padded Envelopes

We offer a range of Sealed Air Mail-Lites. Similar to jiffy bags and also known as bubble lined envelopes. The bubble lining means they are great for protecting your items for shipping.

They comprise an integrated small bubble wrap liner, finished with an attractive outer gold or white outer envelope. This two-in-one design increases packing efficiency and therefore helps to save money on shipping.

Combining professionalism and protection, bubble mailers are a must-have for shipping fragile items. There are many sizes available, such as A4 and A5 Padded Envelopes. They are suitable for small items such as jewellery to larger items such as books.

To recycle the Mail-Lite Envelopes, simply separate the paper and bubble liner. You can then dispose of the deconstructed padded bags in the correct recycling streams.

Ecolope Padded Envelopes

For eco-conscious shippers who require a sustainable, plastic-free envelope, our Ecolope's are the perfect choice. Made exclusively from paper, they are both recyclable and biodegradable.

A honeycomb style paper liner replaces the bubble wrap element typically found in bubble mailers. Two robust kraft paper layers sandwich the eco-friendly liner, creating the envelope. One paper layer comprises a peel and seal, self-adhesive strip to close. This offers a secure, well-cushioned envelope that is excellent for protection of your items in transit.

This paper alternative to bubble wrap reduces the need to separate the elements to recycle, ensuring greater control over your packaging.

This style of envelope is available in multiple sizes and is our most sustainable padded envelope option.

Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are some of the best value postal mailers on the market. Our postal bags offer a low-cost packaging solution, with simple and easy way to use.

We offer a comprehensive choice of sizes of both grey mailing bags and white mailing bags. Sizes range from small match-box sized mailers to extra large sizes for bigger items, or multi-item shipments. All colours and sizes offer an opaque exterior for enhanced privacy and tear resistance for extra security in shipping.

Given that mailing bags are constructed with a sturdy, tamper-proof seal, they are not intended for repeated use. These may be reusable if they arrive in excellent condition and you can re-seal with packing tape.

Our grey and white postage bags are both crafted from 100% recycled materials.

All-Board Mailers

Our Rigid Cardboard Envelopes are an excellent choice for packaging thin or flat items. Made from high quality 350 GSM board, they provide much better protection compared to traditional envelopes. The thick board makes them perfect to protect your items from punctures, tearing and bending.

Heavy-duty card mailers are most commonly used to send certificates, CD's and important documents through the post. They are lightweight in nature, which helps to keep your shipping costs to a minimum.

We offer multiple sizes of board mailers, from standard A4 Cardboard Envelopes to small, photograph sized mailers. Most sizes fit within Royal Mail PiP restrictions. This means they can fit through a letter box, and are great for cheap, consistent dispatch costs.

They are similar to the favourited Amazon style mailer used regularly by eCommerce businesses. Being great value for money, plastic-free and fully recyclable, they are the top choice for eco-conscious personnel.

Postal Tubes

Cardboard tubes are perfect for rolled items, such as posters, photographs and documents. We manufacture our tubes using high-quality, 1.5mm thick cardboard. This means you can be sure you have a secure and rigid method to send your delicate items.

We offer a range of sizes to safely and securely protect your important documents. With starting lengths from A3, we also offer A2, A1 and A0 postal tube sizes, all with varying diameters.

The postal tubes we provide come with white plastic end caps by default. This provides a simple, convenient construction and means you can keep your postage costs consistent

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, these cardboard tubes are the ideal choice for eco-conscious packaging.

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