Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse Equipment

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At Order Packaging, we take pride in offering a wide selection of industrial and warehousing products. Our extensive range includes packroom equipment that caters to various needs and preferences. From robust, heavy-duty machinery to essential industry supplies, such as safety cutters and knives, we have it all.

When designing our warehousing equipment, we prioritise efficiency above all else. We understand the importance of streamlining operations and maximising productivity in a warehouse setting. Therefore, we craft our products to enhance workflow and optimise space.

In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer after-sales support and maintenance services. Most of our packaging machines come with 12-month warranty as standard. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring their satisfaction even after the purchase.

12-month machine warranty
Cost-saving on consumables
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Warehouse Equipment Information

Our Solutions:

We have a selection of packaging machinery and workplace equipment to assist in streamlining your packing and despatch operations.

Void Fill

For void-fill solutions, we offer Cardboard Shredder Machines and Air Pillow Machines. Cardboard shredders are an excellent, sustainable way to create your own in-house packaging materials. Alongside this, they also help to make use of your cardboard waste. Another fast way to produce your own void-fill, without the need for much storage space, is to use Air Pillows. Our range of Airwave Machines are compatible with the AirWave pillow range and also produce void-fill on demand.


To enhance your taping game, we provide a range of electronic packing dispensers and case tapers. Ranging from lever-operated dispensers to automatic tape dispensers, we have a range to suit everyone (and their budget!). For the high-volume warehousing environment, our case taper is designed for use with cardboard boxes. It has the ability to up to 23 metres per minute! If you're not quite at the electronic dispenser stage, we also have a range of cost-effective handheld tape dispensers.

Palletising Goods

We have a range of pallet solutions to assist in safely palletising your items. Shrink wrap helps to protect pallets during transit and storage, however using it can be labour intensive. Our solutions range from small, handheld pallet wrap dispensers to large, semi-automatic turntable wrapping machines. Our wrapping equipment is also compatible with our range of pallet wrap. Alongside this, the wrappers complement our other range of warehouse supplies like our cardboard edge protectors. We have something to suit everyone and every product!

Dust and Moisture Protection

If you prioritise safeguarding your goods from dirt, moisture and dust during transportation and storage, our selection of polythene protection can help. For smaller items, our heat sealers are the perfect option. Simply place your items into layflat tubing. Then slide your items through the3 heat seale. This will aill apply heat automatically to seal your items.

Our gas shrink gun is a useful piece of warehouse equipment for items needing dirt and weather resistance. You use the heat gun to heat polythene around a product, causing it to mold to shape. Using this method provides a bespoke, tight, secure wrap on pallets or other important workplace products. We also have all the extra necessities such as the trolley and hose at your disposal.

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