Packing Tapes

Packing Tapes

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Packing Tape, or parcel tape as it is also known, is a staple stationery item for offices and despatch operations. It’s a versatile product which can be used simply to seal, to market, or add warnings to protect your items.

We offer a full range of tapes, from regular polypropylene tape to extra-strength water activated tape, alongside their compatible dispensers.

Suitable for offices and dispatch operations
100% recyclable water-activated tapes available
Compatible with a range of dispensers
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Packing Tapes Information

Polyprop Tape

Looking to seal your boxes on a budget? Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, commonly known as BOPP Packing Tape, is the go-to choice for warehousing and packaging operations. It offers a cost effective solution, is easy to store, and also fits industry-standard handheld packing tape dispensers.

While BOPP Tape serves as a common option for various packaging operations, it also comes with a few points to consider. It may not adhere well to every surface and may sometimes peel under specific conditions. While it's usually used on cardboard and paper surfaces, it may have poorer performance on items with a high recycled content. For the most secure carton sealing with BOPP, we recommend taping around the entire box, rather than just an inch from either side of the lid.

Available in Brown, Clear and also printed ‘FRAGILE’.

Low-Noise Adhesive Tape

It does what it says on the tin! Most suited to office environments, or when you need to be a little quieter with your packing. Low Noise Tape has a higher micron thickness than traditional BOPP tape.

Available in Brown or Clear.

Hot Melt Parcel Tape

Hot Melt Packing Tape provides a high clarity, high stick packaging solution. Made with synthetic adhesive rubber (hot melt). This tape provides an instant, superior stick to paper and board surfaces with long-lasting adhesion.

Hot Melt is most suited for environments with a stable temperature.

Crossweave Tape

Crossed with fiberglass filaments, this tape provides excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. This also makes crossweave tape of choice for heavy parcels, or those needing extra security.

Paper Adhesive Tape

If you’re looking for eco-friendly sealing, Paper Packing Tape is a popular choice. It tears by hand, therefore taking out the need for a dispenser. We offer self-adhesive styles like eco paper tape and masking tape. Masking tape is great for painters and decorators, while our paper tape has a strong adhesive, which makes it perfect for securing parcels.

Water Activated Tape

Gummed tape is the up and coming taping solution known for its strong adhesion to cardboard and paper materials. It integrates with the box, making sure you get a secure, tamper-proof seal you can trust.

We offer plain and reinforced water-activated packing tape, both crafted from 100% recyclable material - ideal for eco-friendly businesses.

Please note, as gummed tapes require water to activate, you'll need a Water Activated Tape Dispenser. These vary from low cost manual dispensers with tear-off blades to automatic, adjustable-length dispensers, great for high-volume shipping. The preset lengths can reduce waste and also save on packing tape costs over time.

Packing Tape Dispensers

To go with the packing tape above, we also offer packing tape dispensers. Ranging from manual handheld devices to desk dispensers and fully automatic machines, we have something to suit small users and the largest of dispatch operations!

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