Strapping Coils & Strapping Tools

Strapping Coils & Strapping Tools

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One of the most crucial parts of any storage or shipping packaging is having the right strapping to secure your products and goods. Aside from the most obvious option of using adhesive sealing tape, there are more effective ways of ensuring your products will be safe wherever they are in their order journey. Strapping like polypropylene in its many forms, such as hand strapping, strapping coils, strapping reels, strapping kits, and machine strapping coils, are most commonly seen in warehouse and industrial settings.

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Strapping Coils & Strapping Tools Information

We have a small but high-quality range of strapping-related products at Order Packaging, including hand strapping, machine strapping and necessary tools.

Hand Strapping Tools

Hand strapping tools, whether it heavy-duty sealer tools, heavy-duty strapping stands heavy-duty tensioner tools for hand pallet strapping or other essential items like heavy-duty friction weld battery-powered pallet strapping tools, plastic edge protectors and semi-open metal seals, we have a wide range of affordable and high-quality solutions.

Machine Strapping Coils

Our machine strapping coils come with a strong and reliable cardboard core and are designed with automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines in mind. Machine strapping is a great choice to improve the efficiency of your warehouse and packing team and will help give your products a more professional appearance.

We have two different machine strapping coil options, the blue and white, and both are 3000m long with a thickness of 12 x 0.55 mm and a break strain of 145kg.

Strapping Coils

At Order Packaging, we have four different options for strapping coils. The black options are available with lengths of 1000 m, 1500 m and 1800 m and a thickness of 12 mm x 0.8 mm, 12 mm x 0.7 mm and 12 mm x 0.63 mm, respectively. The alternative is the 1000 m long yellow strapping coils with 12 mm x 0.9 mm thickness.

Strapping Kits

If you are starting out or are looking to invest in a more effective and efficient strapping solution, we offer two types of strapping kits. The heavy-duty full pallet strapping banding kit comes with its own mobile trolley and the heavy-duty full pallet strapping banding kit with trolley.

Why Choose Polypropylene Strapping?

At Order Packaging, we offer polypropylene strapping options. These can be used in hand or machine strapping setups and conform easily to even the most unusual and non-standard shapes and sizes. This makes them perfect for securing bundled items and pallet loads. The material is economical, tough, and resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Whether you want to give your stored and shipped goods extra protection in a pallet or not, strapping is one of the best ways to improve load stability. Our products have been mindfully manufactured to account for all notable issues facing products and goods in transit and storage. We pride ourselves on using possible, eco-friendly, and sustainable goods and solutions. This can give you and us peace of mind as we try to help the planet and reduce waste and climate issues.

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