Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery

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We have a wide range of packaging machinery available at very competitive prices.

Packaging machinery is most commonly used in high-volume shipping settings, where efficiency is at the forefront of the operation. Primarily used for void-fill production and package protection, we have a wide range of options to enhance your packing operation.

Most of our packaging machinery comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. This means you can be confident your machines will withstand the test of time.

12-month warranty
Increased productivity
Waste reduction
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Packaging Machinery Information


We offer a selection of packing tape dispensers and automatic carton sealers, also known as case tapers.

We have a range of desktop water activated tape dispeners. Starting from manual, lever-operated dispensers to automatic, electric tape dispensers. All models are excellent for dispensing a controlled or pre-set length. This makes them very efficient for carton sealing and helps to reduce the amount of packing tape used over time.

Case tapers are compatible with polypropylene machine tape. They can accurately tape cardboard boxes at rapid speed.

An impulse heat sealer is a fantastic choice to safeguard your goods from moisture and dirt. These machines work seamlessly with layflat tubing, allowing you to craft custom-sized bags for each item.

We offer a range of sizes of bag sealers to suit many industries and applications.


If you wrap a high volume of pallets, a Pallet Stretch Wrap machine may be the answer. Automating the process is excellent for reducing the valuable time spent on hand-wrapping pallets.

We have multiple options which will help to speed-up your dispatch operation. Our models start with entry-level, start/stop options, which are available at a very affordable price. Our range extends to the fully programmable PSW002 model which has a 'soft-wrap' feature to prevent over tensioning.


For high volume dispatch operations, strapping machines are a staple item. We design our machines to securely strap your items together and prevent them from coming loose in transit.

With a wide range of styles of strap machines, starting from manual-feed to automatic, one-press options. All machines are compatible with the our machine polypropylene strapping.

Cushioning and Void-Fill

We offer two main ways to produce your own in-house void-fill and cushioning.

Our Air Pillow Machines are ideal for those who want to protect their items, without consuming too much storage space. We have multiple sizes and compositions of Air Pillows to suit the machines. Ranging from budget-friendly plastic pillows to 100% carbon neutral and paper alternatives.

Paper shredding machines allow you to produce your own in-house void fill, from your cardboard waste. This not only saves on waste disposal costs, but also your packaging costs.

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